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    Slowly . . .

    Recent good visits with both new and old friends slowed my life down. I couldn't be with them and think about other things. Especially now that it is clear that fake interest shows up in our eyes and can be seen immediately by most people. I want my pleasure in being with people to show up in my eyes.

    In past years it was no wonder I sometimes felt invisible. I was more accurate than I had imagined, and could tell the person's thoughts and interests were elsewhere. The life skills taught in THRIVE has changed all that, thank God.

    So . . . 

    One of my visits was with a sister and brother who are dear to one another, in a new season, both happily married in their twenties. I've known them since the youngest was 7 years old. What joy to hear about their lives today, how well things are going for them, not perfect, but happiness is the most common experience for them. And, since we have all learned the power of transparency, we all expressed joy for being real with each other. We had many hearty laughs over the awful and amazing events and lessons that fill our lives.

    So, even though I feel overwhelmed with the responsibility for all the yard work (as Noel is gone to sea), I am OK. With all the rain and surprise bursts of sun, the yard thinks it's gone to Hawaii. The plants have grown wild, I can see them grow inches each day. I picture Jesus working the soil with me. It's amazing how dirty one can get working in the soil in robes. ha! Yet, his joy is never diminished. I need that model so my brain can continue retraining to see life through the 'eyes of heaven.'

    Thinking of you all with love and appreciation as I move slowly through the days . . .




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