God's Path to Restoring The Foundations

I’ll always remember feeling awe in the sanctuary at New Life Christian Center as Chester & Betsy Kylstra taught on Restoring The Foundations (RTF) and how it worked. At each prayer activation Noel & I were flooded with the presence of God. As He revealed Sins of our Fathers & the resulting curses & how that had affected our lives, stress began lifting from us. We saw visions of our true identities. Strength, clarity, as well a sense of trust and safety grew in us. There was power in what the Kylstra’s shared, which was certain because it came from the Word/God. The Kyltra's hearts that were completely committed to this ministry form that used an integrated approach, building one ministry step upon another, each taking out a portion of the enemy’s legal right to mess with us. In the end, those ministered to had their Godly covenant re-set. It was a truly new start, put right on the path God laid out for our lives, foiling forever the plans of the enemy. Wow, that evening was astounding. It was what I was seeing in the prophetic, was reaching for with all my might, catching bits, but wanting it all.

Today, sixteen years later Restoring The Foundations is one of the most powerful healing ministries on earth. Though I have used many variations of Inner Healing through Christ, RTF consistently gives the most freedom and complete re-set of one’s original identity. Through the integrated approach our contract with the enemy is exposed, revealing how we got into the sin and the steps we must learn to keep ourselves on our path of freedom. Through the four ministry areas (Sins of The Fathers-SOFCs; Ungodly Beliefs-UGBs; Soul Spirit Hurts-SSHs; Demonic Oppression-DO), our contract with the enemy is broken, taking away the legal rights of the enemy to get at our lives. 


While I was still toddling I knew there was evil that had intelligence & intent. How else could my parents make choices that were destroying us, their children? My little girl mind could not imagine they would choose to hurt us on their own, there had to be a reason for their violence towards us.

In my 20’s I made jokes about taking up where my parents left off in self destructive behavior that I couldn’t seem to control. I felt presences of powers that had dark sides, seductive voices that would urge me to do dangerous things. Rarely sleeping more than a few hours at a time, I had difficulty functioning in normal activities. In an attempt to find answers I studied evil, levitation, witchcraft, demons & experienced an immediate increase in danger in my life. As my life began to crumble I knew there had to be another way.

Los Angeles was my home in 1982 when God brought me back into relationship with him through the Vineyard Church. That part of my story is told in the Journal post titled, God’s DNA ~ Spark.

In 1984 just before I married Noel Jacobsen, God gifted us with a pastor who introduced us to Inner Healing, via John & Paula Sanford’s teachings, including, Transformation of The Inner Man.  Noel & I received Inner Healing training and we have been doing Inner Healing prayer since that time. In 1985 our pastor arranged for me to experience deliverance with a pastor in a Presbyterian Church in Seattle. He had been delivering people of evil spirits for years so there was no drama, it was a simple process. However, this thing talked to me as it was asked to leave, which left a deep impression as to the truth that there is an intelligent evil with strategies of destruction.

In 1986 I got sober, choosing to reconsider the opposite of evil: God. Just as I had experienced an intelligence that wanted to consume me, I once again experienced an intelligence that gives life, peace, & rest. The contrast was clear, yet the seduction of drama dogged me, which catalyzed the revelation that my life was ruled by Hell Habits that would kill me. I knew if I wanted to live I had to develop Heaven Habits. My question was, “How do I change? Who on earth will help me?”

I challenged God to teach me & in 1990, Neil Anderson’s insightful book, The Bondage Breaker, caught my eye. Anderson gave a description of evil that I had come to know & his fearless, in-depth description brought clarity & ignited my desire for freedom. With God as my mentor I studied every book I could find on spiritual warfare, the Bible being a constant source of affirmation & correction for what I was learning. In church I asked a lot of questions, finding a surprising lack of knowledge from pastors who knew the Word quite well.

In 1995 Sylvia Gunter’s books on prayers/declarations of God’s truths, made a significant impact on my life revealing what kinds of thoughts I had. By that time I had begun sponsoring/coaching others in recovery, teaching that there were three areas that had to be dealt with for true healing: change of belief system, deliverance of demonic interference, Inner Healing with Jesus healing deep hurts. I felt led to start faith-based recovery groups, one in AA, one in Al-Anon, where it was OK to talk about Jesus and the Word. By the time we moved to Olympia, WA in 1999 I was hungry for more.

By the time 2001 rolled around I had experienced people getting freedom through Inner Healing prayer and deliverance, but freedom was fleeting. Most people, including me, returned to their Hell Habits rather quickly, especially under stress. I had come to the conclusion that our history affected our sin, so I was in the process of studying what the Word said about the generations and the affect of one person’s behavior on their lineage. That’s when an elder in our community suggested I attend a seminar by a couple from North Carolina who were teaching about 4 areas of healing that sounded a lot like what I was teaching people.

And then I found myself in the sanctuary at New Life Christian Center . . .