Do you know that power and love are part of your inheritance?  
Do you wonder what has happened to your dreams?  
What can you do to change your life, yourself,
your circumstances?  
Life is the great adventure. 

Come journey with us.



Noel & Cynthia

the wonder of love . . .

Over many years we have been radically transformed from
frustrated, dysfunctional narcissists to our original, 
intelligent design: people who love and live
connectively in grace, joy, and empowerment.
Many people, who have closely observed our
transformational processes, press us for
what was the catalyst, &
how we are changing. 


This web site is the gathering place to share the what how
through our challenges, successes, satisfaction, and JOY!


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Noel's Log

We all have issue’s. Our issues can hurt us & others, such issues as: insecure attachment styles (mine is *dismissive), old wounds, new wounds, often initiating bad habits/behaviors.

Each time Jesus & I deal with an issue I get more freedom & more relational with our God & others. While on earth, in relationship with Jesus, I find Joy and Rest. He models how together we can grow, love and heal.

I am living proof that a person who grew up disconnected can grow new synapses of connection in the brain.

How? Good question. Glad you asked as that's what my stories are about. 

*Dismissive Attachment: I have no memories of being held; I was seldom spoken to except when in trouble. I grew up orphaned in my own home.

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Cynthia's Journal

I am decades beyond my broken beginnings on a  small wheat farm in Montana. Though I spent the first half of my life in depression & anger, my approach today is with appreciation & wonder. Joy and satisfaction inhabit the hours with peace permeating the atmosphere. Life is filled with experiences that I see as gifts, opportunities to learn more about people, our world, and how God works everything together. 

God first, then people have the focus of my love and appreciation. Empowering people to connect, give & receive love is my passion that inspires expressions of life & soul-coaching, serving, music, writing, and gardening.

Technology is useful for connecting over the many questions, thoughts, challenges that come our way at all hours. I use its benefits to expand discussion . . .  with the expectancy  of your participation. Together we grow as agents of change.


Life Giving Knowledge

A fuller understanding of Maturity, how to obtain it and grow it, is needed to hold on to spiritual healing obtained through prayerful encounters with God.

Many of us experienced deep wounds released, our hope refreshed, intimacy with Jesus established to have those remarkable gains slip away as months pass. Now we all have the opportunity to establish loving, joyful community that activates maturity as God intended and speaks about. In Joyful community we explore each of our levels of maturity to discover our strengths and weaknesses, then how to gain our missing life-skills while helping others grow from the skills we have.

Recently finished: Transforming Boot Camp

Once you decide to give Jesus a chance in your life what do you do next? Are you curious and willing to learn new things about yourself and others?
This is a bit of what we explore in the Transforming Boot Camp class.

When our next class is available we will post HERE

Listed below are two effective ministries that have radically changed the course of our lives. After spending years engaging with these ministries, both in healing and training, we are pleased to be living and sharing them.

The Life Model


Life ~ Soul Coaching

Our first visit with you is a no fee experience where we sit down together to find out if we are a good fit to work together over time.  We will hear what you would like to change in your life & what experiences or circumstances led to your seeking support for change.

  • Individual sessions where we help you clarify, then make a plan what you want from life and how to get there.

    • $95 Hrly

Immanuel Prayer

Immanuel prayer is a time of discovery as Cynthia shares effective avenues to meet with the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that Jesus is closer than a friend & in Immanuel Prayer he often clarifies how he has been with us and relates to us in all parts of our lives.

  • Immanuel Prayer ~ a two to three hour session.

    • $225.


Issue Focused Ministry ~ A three hour session focused on a single issue. The Issue Focused prayer session is a three hour process of receiving ministry to a specific issue that comes up repeatedly in your life that causes significantly interference in negative ways. This session often includes relief from repeated hurts that seem unreasonable.

  • $225.

It’s hard to believe that 3 hours could change my life to such a degree!
— An Issue Focused Ministry Receiver
It’s true, the pressure to fail is now on the outside, not on the inside. I no longer feel like something is wrong with me.
— An Issue Focused Ministry Receiver

Thorough Ministry for a couple ~ This includes 4 hours of couple ministry in addition to the 15 hours each for individual ministry. In Thorough ministry we facilitate the Holy Spirit to bring relief & healing to specific areas throughout your entire lifetime.

  • $2,800.

Thorough Ministry for a single person ~ Typically, the ministry lasts 15 hours. In Thorough ministry we facilitate the Holy Spirit to bring relief & healing to specific areas throughout your entire lifetime.

  • $1,250.

. . . that God would take me to what would seem an insignificant event in my childhood to reveal, then heal, a wound that has disrupted much of my life, I am grateful . . .
— A Thorough Ministry Receiver

Contact Us


Your information will help us determine how we can help you or give you
feedback on connecting with others who are more suited to your needs. Though we
live in Olympia, WA, we also travel to do all the services listed on our web site.



Fees Negotiable:
If you are a person in need without finances to make full payment, we ask you to search your hearts & be willing to donate whatever funds you feel are appropriate for the service you have received. Our deepest desire is that you have the fire in your belly to do the hard work most often necessary to radically change the trajectory of your life. Please contact us with your story & how willing you are to work for change. We prayerfully consider every request. 

Please contact us for our availability of additional services, such as conducting seminars on: The Life Model~Life Skills~Share Immanuel; RTF: Hope Healing & Freedom; Healing & Deliverance. 

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Choose one or more subjects, then write a message. We will get back to you ASAP.

our Training & qualifications


  • Healing House Ministers of the Restoring The Foundations Ministry, Qualified for Thorough Prayer Ministry in 2010.

  • We have practiced Issue Focused Ministry since 2001 & are currently doing so in The Church of Living Water, Olympia, Washington.

  • The Life Model: We have completed the 3 Tracks of training in THRIVE, a yearly activation, fast-track brain training in Life Model Skills.

  • Cynthia uses the Immanuel Prayer process in ministry sessions as well as teaching the format to individuals and groups.

  • We are licensed to teach and train the Life Models of: Restarting, Forming & Belonging.

Life ~ Soul Coaching: 

Both Noel & Cynthia Jacobsen are Certified Professional Coaches (CPC), & Certified Professional Recovery Coaches (CPRC), from the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC), and the NET Institute. Noel's dual LC accreditations. Cynthia's dual LC accreditations. Putting all of our training together, along with years of mentoring and serving, we are guides for the wholeness of the mind, body, & spirit: Soul Coaching.