Restoring The Foundations

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Though we have used many variations of Inner Healing through Christ, Restoring The Foundations (RTF) consistently gives the most freedom and complete re-set of one’s original identity. Through the integrated approach our contract with the enemy is broken step-by-step revealing how we got into the sin, and the steps we must learn to keep ourselves on our path of freedom. Our contract with the enemy is broken through the four ministry areas (Sins of The Fathers-SOFCs; Ungodly Beliefs-UGBs; Soul Spirit Hurts-SSHs; Demonic Oppression-DO), with each step closing another door, taking away the legal rights of the enemy to mess with our lives.

The integrated approach of RTF provides an effective form to bring deep healing, through our generations; guiding us into God’s truths to change our faulty belief systems; into a quiet, safe place to meet with Jesus for healing of our hurts; to informing the enemy he is done as we re-set our covenant with our Father God. 

Walking Out Your Healing

( We will soon be posting valuable information here to help hold on to the effective healing we gain through ministry to the Four Integrated Areas: Sins of The Fathers & Resulting Curses (SOFCs); Ungodly Beliefs (UGBs); Soul Spirit Hurts (SSHs), and Demonic Oppression (DOs).

Be blessed and a blessing!