A New Healing Chapter

Note: In sharing about this process I am not making any recommendations for any of the treatments I choose to do. I do, however, recommend that every person eat whole, live, organic food; study what healthy living habits are and practice them until you find those that help your body, mind, spirit operate in the fullness of how you are made. FYI: Organic labeled foods guarantee they are NOT GMO. It is well worth the time it takes to study the US Organic labeling and what it means.

It's been a while since I posted about my journey in healing from a lifetime of eating wheat to finally being diagnosed as Celiac. It has been quite an education. Grieving the diagnosis was fairly short-lived, replaced with relief, then motivation to find out what my body, health, life would be like when functioning as I was made to function. 

In my last post I had come to the realization that eating out in any restaurant other than one that was 100% gluten free, was not wise. Two excellent things have happened as a result of basically not eating out, 1) My health has taken a leap forward in speed of recovery, 2) We are saving a lot of money. 

I also cut way back on dairy, at the suggestion of my doc, and that has also improved my digestive system, along with not eating anything past 8pm. 

To date, highlights are: Digestive system working the best as it has in years, almost never any stomach/gut pain; I have lost 16 pounds; Cholesterol went from 275 down to 114 in about 8 months; I have twice the energy I had over 5 years ago; my brain function/sharpness has improved about 60%; my physical stamina and agility has improved about 80%.

In my process I recently started a series of approximately 9 heavy metal IV chelation treatments to rid my body of high levels of several toxic metals. I had held this choice off for a few months until I reached a plateau that I couldn't seem to get over. I felt better, but not yet great. I have had 3 sessions and I must say, my health has taken another leap forward. The chelation is a proven medical process, not new, nor experimental, which is encouraging. When I got the lab report of the levels of toxic metals, and my doc explained how each one has been affecting my body, I was certain of the choice to do the chelation. 

In a recent visit to my hometown, Conrad, Montana, we had the great pleasure to have lunch with a cousin who is also Celiac (surprise!). His marvelous wife is a great cook and we had a feast of 100% non gluten soup, breads, and the best carrot cake I have ever eaten! She is willing to share her recipes and any secrets of how everything turns out so delicious. For those of us new at learning to cook wheat-free, her input is gold! 

Looking forward to our second Thanksgiving wheat free. Last year's feast was delicious and we didn't tell anyone it was wheat free until we were all well into the delicious meal. It was fun with great company. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Y'all.