Well, I had my medical update earlier this month and received some corrections, which I needed. The short story is that by taking me through my recent blood tests, as well as my anecdotal information, my Dr. helped me back onto a healthy path.

I admit I enjoyed indulging in pizza, in particular. But, after several weeks of forays into wheat and gluten, and gaining many pounds as well as brain fog moving back in, I was ready to be confronted with the truth: I need to be on a non-wheat/gluten diet that is mostly paleo—fresh organic veggies and grass fed, pastured meats, poultry, and sea food.

I am relieved to be back onto my Specific Carbohydrate Diet (which I learned from Breaking The Vicious Cycle—web site by the same name). It’s only been a couple weeks and my body has straightened out, brain fog is leaving, my energy is up, my weight has stabilized.

The more exciting change came from a new supplement that is thinning my blood. The name is: NATTO NSK MEGA, the more common name-nattokinase. When I searched about it online it seems it is a derivative of fermented soybeans, which has been ingested by the Japanese for years. The important thing for me is that it is a natural product, not one of the “medicines” prescribed for blood thinning that I don’t want to take. I have consistently had serious side effects from medications, so I am more interested in what the naturopath specialists have found that accomplish the same, or similar changes that my body may need. In my case, I was beginning to show some signs of lowered blood circulation, a condition that is common in aging. I had swelling in my ankles, sometimes had severe cramps in my legs upon lying down to sleep. And, upon arising, my feet were cold and hurt for the first few minutes each day. Since starting Natto all of these symptoms have stopped, much to my delight and surprise. My Dr. started me on one capsule just before bed, but gave me the option of taking another during the day. After a week or so with the good result during the night I decided to try a second one during the day. The change? During my hour long workouts I sweated, which caused me to realize I hadn’t been sweating much over the past months. Since it has been quite hot throughout the summer I’m sure it is good that I sweat, so it was a relief to find myself quite damp at the end of an intensive workout.

To sum this all up: I am grateful to have an intelligent Dr. who is well educate and skilled in both traditional western medicine and naturopathy. He also co-labors with my regular medical doctor so I benefit from both systems. I am also confident that my wheat/gluten question is settled and I will NOT be eating wheat or gluten for the duration of my life. My daily diet is rich with fresh, certified organic veggies, high quality grass-fed and local lamb, some beef, a lot of chicken—all with very little processing. I am incredibly blessed to be in such great health at my age, which adds to the peace, calm, and joy in my life.

By the way: it is best to be taking supplements under the guidance/direction of health care professionals who have done the proper testing of your system before prescribing anything that might help you with your specific needs. I no longer take any supplements without testing and approval of the appropriate medical specialists.

Recent Dietary Adventures

Mornin’. It is the day after Mother’s Day and two days after I turned 71! Yikes, time flies.

Returned a couple weeks ago from a lengthy road trip south to California, then across to Colorado, then back to Pismo Beach, CA area, then home in time for the spring bloom. After being in low humidity (around 5 to 15 %) it was great to be home where my skin and lungs could breath and feel refreshed.

I had been on my Specific Carbohydrate (SC) Diet for over 1 1/2 years, so I decided to try more common foods, such as brown rice and a little bread, as well as pizza, which I missed. Adding in these items in small amounts gave me pleasure, though they didn’t taste quite the same, they weren’t DELICIOUS like I remembered. Good, but not amazing. Except for pizza. We have a local pizza restaurant in Olympia, WA call Casa Mia, that makes the best 3 cheese/chicken pizza I have had. So I had a bit too much and gained 5 lbs. Hmmmm.

While on the road I took a time-out from my supplements and thyroid medication. I wanted my body to just have a rest and see if it would re-set in any way that would mean I didn’t need to take any supplements. Now that I’m home and found my basic body temperature had dropped down to 97 degrees (from the normal, healthy range of 98.6) I know that the Reverse T3 situation must be treated, so I am back on my Liothyronine. I’ll get to know how quickly my body readjusts to the good effects (my body temp. back up to 98.6). I am astounded that such a simple test (body temp) can inform the need for thyroid supplementation yet in all the years I struggled with incredibly low blood pressure and low body temperature not a single “medical doctor” bothered to help me. They would comment that I must feel tired and depressed, then ask for confirmation, but not solution offered except anti-depressants, which I took for a month or two and they made me feel much worse. With about 5 micrograms of liothyronine I feel quite good.

At this time: I have returned to my basic SC diet (google, Breaking The Vicious Cycle), with a little bread (organic ingredients), an occasional pizza, small amounts of brown or wild rice, an occasional dessert. I just feel better eating real, unprocessed, organic and grass fed food.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet ~ Update . . .

After a lifetime of searching for the answer to my life-time of ill health I decided to be quiet, to rest, trusting this particular path was the turning point. Nearly 1-1/2 years have passed since I discovered, then began, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and I am glad to continue a good report.

About 6 months ago I began cutting back on my supplementation, albeit a bit later than was probably advisable. It took an irritating affliction of hemorrhoids to inspire me to cut off my multivitamins, which cleared them up within a couple weeks. At that success I realized I was too irritable and edgy. I was likely taking too much of everything, which indicated my body was doing what it was made to do: digest and process nutritional food! Wow! Yay! Today the only supplements I am taking are: Vitamin K-2; D3, and a little HCL with each meal (hydrochloric acid-to aid digestion).

With hope rising I noticed my interest in life had also increased. Curiosity grew me a bit more each week with questions filling my mind and overflowing into my conversations. I found myself searching through drawers, looking into closets, dragging out boxes just to see what was in them. This treasure hunting began to reawaken interests that I realized I had laid down years ago. As I found beautiful fabrics that I had ‘saved’ for a special garment, or photographs I had forgotten I had taken, I began remembering . . . I had forgotten . . . I had not remembered for a long time. It was like the story of Rip Van Winkle, I was waking up!

The more I ‘woke up’ the more I pursued activities I used to love, such as working in my studio in graphics and sound production; reading a number of new books-on a variety of subjects, while reading through some old favorites; moving my sewing room back into our main house and re-organizing it in the process; updating software programs, installing them and cleaning out old files; reconnecting with special people that just seemed to have dropped out of my life. All the while my brain began functioning more quickly and creatively, yet I noticed I was more calm and able to make my time count, function more efficiently. My capacity for appreciation and joy increased as well with my days more full of satisfaction and less stress, thus I slept increasingly better.

For the first 6 months my weight dropped off another 10 lbs, which caused a little concern. I hadn’t been down to 113 lbs since I was anorexic just after graduation from high school. But, around the 8th month my weight started creeping back up and has been holding between 117 & 120, which I think is about the right weight for someone slim and 5’ 2-1/2” tall. Through all this I have continued with the Silver Sneakers workout program, which is quite a thorough workout with the skilled trainer/instructor here in Olympia. My balance is very good with a strong core, great flexibility, good muscle tone and great community at the work-outs. Nice!

What am I eating? Check out the last post: “Discovery: “The Specific Carbohydrate Diet,” as I am eating the same diet. Elaine Gotschall, the author of “Breaking The Vicious Cycle,” suggests staying on this diet for 2 years, but other testimonies have stated being cured in 6 months. So, when I have recently been faced with ingesting a bit of organic rice in a dish specially prepared for us, I ate it, enjoying it very much and had no negative results. I suspect that I am cured of the upper-gut bacterial overgrowth and probably can eat some bread and grains and perhaps even a bit of sugar. However, I feel better than at any other time of my life, so as of today I will continue on this limited but delicious, whole food, non-processed way of eating.