Gluten Free Comfort Food, Sequim, WA

Imagine our surprise when we decided to try out the Nourish restaurant in Sequim, Washington. Noel & I were looking up non-gluten restaurants and the Nourish claimed it was 100% Gluten Free! Since we didn't have time to peruse their web site (WiFi at the John Wayne Marina RV park is a bit slow, a common RV experience), we didn't know what to expect. Both Apple maps & Google maps took us directly to the place, within 8 minutes of JWM. There was the white house sitting above an eclectic looking building. We couldn't tell exactly where to park, so we ended up behind the building, but there was a nice walkway to the front door. I won't go into more as you can check it out online at their web site, (cut & paste)  It's a great web site, informative, interesting and a pleasing design. 

The main point here is the delicious Chicken Pot Pie I had for lunch, & that it was made from some of the healthiest ingredients grown on earth! Truly, it was the best tasting version I have ever eaten! Noel had crab-cake salad and his report is the same as mine, the best crab cakes he's tasted. The food was organic and locally grown as much as possible. The generous crust that topped my 'pie' was flaky, the whole pie perfectly cooked and the crust enhanced the prefect richness of the light sauce that bathed the sizable chuncks of chicken and vegetables. The pie was the right hot temperature, warming me up just as I hoped for with comfort food. We liked our meal so much we have a date-night for supper. Yumm!

I am delighted that people are already well educated about what it means to eat non-gluten, how important it is for good health for a lot of people. And, they have devoted themselves to producing excellent quality food. In taking a closer, longer look at Nourish's web site, they are doing much more than just preparing excellent food. I will enjoy reading more; learning about them as well as my hope to get some of their recipes that are already perfected in preparing healthy foods without gluten. I love it when I am surprised by JOY!

Bon appétit!

This chicken pot pie had one of the best  non gluten   crusts I have ever tasted. Same for the sauce, all was organic!

This chicken pot pie had one of the best non gluten  crusts I have ever tasted. Same for the sauce, all was organic!