2015 Healing Journey

This has been quite a year of challenges, discovery, & growth. May 21, is the date I discovered my bones had not gained any density for the last 2 years of focused work. I went to bed & had a Job-like week of lamenting & prayers. I had questions for Abba, such as: Why, with my love & faith in you, Lord, aren’t my bones, and health, restored? What is wrong? Me? Or the enemy? What do I need to do differently? As I pondered these things I felt angry, which got me up & doing research, which led to a new medical practitioner (June/July), which ushered in this new season of physical restoration.

The steps that led to this new practitioner were clearly God arranged: an unlikely person showed up with a specific book on healing, published in 1994; my research of the author led to the clinic, to the blood tests that provided the answers to years of questions and missing pieces of my slow debilitation. By mid July I began a new regimen of restoration in faith of God’s perfect timing.

Over the years I have had moments where I felt I was somehow fading away. Too many people, professionals & friends spoke curses into my life, such as: you are a hypochondriac; you need to see a psychiatrist; there’s nothing we can do for you; your health is an excuse . . . blah, blah, blah. All challenged my faith. Yet, in spite of the emotional wounding of those curses, along with the physical losses from undiagnosed Celiac, I say, “Thank you people, for being the catalysts of my living relationship with Abba, my perfect Father.” It may be that without the years of being shown that I actually had little “control” over my life, I might not have turned & asked a key question, “God, if you are who you say you are, speak to me in a way I can understand. Help Me!” He did answer, I could understand, and my life has been changing ever since. [see my post: “2015 Summation,” on the Journal page]

Today, after four months of eating gluten-free, replacing nutrients that have been missing for years, my health has radically improved! My physical reflexes are quickened, I am beating Noel at ping-pong! Yay! Because he is tall he can hit the ball from side to side, just at the net, to catch those balls I have to fling myself one direction then the other, which I am often able to do! It is a lot of fun! I am now winning nearly ½ of the time, I am ecstatic! We laugh through most of the games, which feels great too.

My mind has awakened, like from a long sleep. I have been sewing, doing computer work-including in my music studio, as well as re-learning my embroidery design software. These skills and pleasures were laid down a few years ago as I lost the mental acumen to continue doing them. I am also sleeping 8 hrs a night and sometimes 10. That is a new thing. When I asked Abba about it He told me I have been ill a long time, so the deep sleep is allowing me to be in repair mode. Love that, thank you, Lord!

My Thyroid Reverse T-3 supplement has re-engaged my thyroid, which is re-communicating with a host of other internal organs, I can feel my “little engine that could” light up. My feet are warm when I sleep, I can’t remember a time that happened! We are still sleeping with the summer quilt on our bed.

And because of these years of forced quiet, I hear the Lord’s voice. As I wake up my praise rises with me, His presence even more so.

I did have healing prayer 4 months ago from a prayer warrior who travels to dangerous lands. Within a week of prayer my left wrist, the one that was shattered in 2011 & re-injured in 2015, began to have movement like before it was crushed. The healing continues, reminding me every hour of God’s living presence and great kindness towards His creation. I believe that my entire body healing process was catalyzed by the prayer from that Healer (who goes into Muslim countries & heals everywhere God sends the team). I am declaring this now, so that the evidence of my entire healing follows. 2015 & 2016 are going to be the best years ever!