Recent Dietary Adventures

Mornin’. It is the day after Mother’s Day and two days after I turned 71! Yikes, time flies.

Returned a couple weeks ago from a lengthy road trip south to California, then across to Colorado, then back to Pismo Beach, CA area, then home in time for the spring bloom. After being in low humidity (around 5 to 15 %) it was great to be home where my skin and lungs could breath and feel refreshed.

I had been on my Specific Carbohydrate (SC) Diet for over 1 1/2 years, so I decided to try more common foods, such as brown rice and a little bread, as well as pizza, which I missed. Adding in these items in small amounts gave me pleasure, though they didn’t taste quite the same, they weren’t DELICIOUS like I remembered. Good, but not amazing. Except for pizza. We have a local pizza restaurant in Olympia, WA call Casa Mia, that makes the best 3 cheese/chicken pizza I have had. So I had a bit too much and gained 5 lbs. Hmmmm.

While on the road I took a time-out from my supplements and thyroid medication. I wanted my body to just have a rest and see if it would re-set in any way that would mean I didn’t need to take any supplements. Now that I’m home and found my basic body temperature had dropped down to 97 degrees (from the normal, healthy range of 98.6) I know that the Reverse T3 situation must be treated, so I am back on my Liothyronine. I’ll get to know how quickly my body readjusts to the good effects (my body temp. back up to 98.6). I am astounded that such a simple test (body temp) can inform the need for thyroid supplementation yet in all the years I struggled with incredibly low blood pressure and low body temperature not a single “medical doctor” bothered to help me. They would comment that I must feel tired and depressed, then ask for confirmation, but not solution offered except anti-depressants, which I took for a month or two and they made me feel much worse. With about 5 micrograms of liothyronine I feel quite good.

At this time: I have returned to my basic SC diet (google, Breaking The Vicious Cycle), with a little bread (organic ingredients), an occasional pizza, small amounts of brown or wild rice, an occasional dessert. I just feel better eating real, unprocessed, organic and grass fed food.