Well, I had my medical update earlier this month and received some corrections, which I needed. The short story is that by taking me through my recent blood tests, as well as my anecdotal information, my Dr. helped me back onto a healthy path.

I admit I enjoyed indulging in pizza, in particular. But, after several weeks of forays into wheat and gluten, and gaining many pounds as well as brain fog moving back in, I was ready to be confronted with the truth: I need to be on a non-wheat/gluten diet that is mostly paleo—fresh organic veggies and grass fed, pastured meats, poultry, and sea food.

I am relieved to be back onto my Specific Carbohydrate Diet (which I learned from Breaking The Vicious Cycle—web site by the same name). It’s only been a couple weeks and my body has straightened out, brain fog is leaving, my energy is up, my weight has stabilized.

The more exciting change came from a new supplement that is thinning my blood. The name is: NATTO NSK MEGA, the more common name-nattokinase. When I searched about it online it seems it is a derivative of fermented soybeans, which has been ingested by the Japanese for years. The important thing for me is that it is a natural product, not one of the “medicines” prescribed for blood thinning that I don’t want to take. I have consistently had serious side effects from medications, so I am more interested in what the naturopath specialists have found that accomplish the same, or similar changes that my body may need. In my case, I was beginning to show some signs of lowered blood circulation, a condition that is common in aging. I had swelling in my ankles, sometimes had severe cramps in my legs upon lying down to sleep. And, upon arising, my feet were cold and hurt for the first few minutes each day. Since starting Natto all of these symptoms have stopped, much to my delight and surprise. My Dr. started me on one capsule just before bed, but gave me the option of taking another during the day. After a week or so with the good result during the night I decided to try a second one during the day. The change? During my hour long workouts I sweated, which caused me to realize I hadn’t been sweating much over the past months. Since it has been quite hot throughout the summer I’m sure it is good that I sweat, so it was a relief to find myself quite damp at the end of an intensive workout.

To sum this all up: I am grateful to have an intelligent Dr. who is well educate and skilled in both traditional western medicine and naturopathy. He also co-labors with my regular medical doctor so I benefit from both systems. I am also confident that my wheat/gluten question is settled and I will NOT be eating wheat or gluten for the duration of my life. My daily diet is rich with fresh, certified organic veggies, high quality grass-fed and local lamb, some beef, a lot of chicken—all with very little processing. I am incredibly blessed to be in such great health at my age, which adds to the peace, calm, and joy in my life.

By the way: it is best to be taking supplements under the guidance/direction of health care professionals who have done the proper testing of your system before prescribing anything that might help you with your specific needs. I no longer take any supplements without testing and approval of the appropriate medical specialists.