I guess we weren't too surprised when our new molecular medicine specialist informed us that we are [both] likely to be Celiac, which means NO WHEAT, NO GLUTEN at all. That includes no contamination with Glulten.

We have more research to do to fully understand what Celiac means, and, as a strong believer in the power of declarations being blessings or curses, I am choosing to say I have been diagnosed as being Celiac. However, we are going to strictly follow the  recommendations so that we can feel confident in monitoring changes in our health over the next few months. 

Wouldn't you know that the diagnosis  came just as we were flying across the United States to attend a conference followed by some ministry training. It was too late to inform the RTF International Training Center so we had to plan to take care of our own meals. Since the room were were scheduled for had a mini kitchen area it was not too much of a concern. And, we were able to notify the B&B, the Melange in Hendersonville, NC, where we were going to stay for our first week. The proprieters, Mahmet & Lale were comfortable with our new dietary needs and made us delicious Gluten Free breakfasts. Furthermore, we discovered a fabulous pizza place in Hendersonville, GraZies on Brevard Rd. Check it out if you are in the area. The chef's wife has Celiac, so he has a Guten Free preparation zone, & he makes the most delicious sauces fresh for every order! Yumm!

The evidence of an increase in our health came immediately as several of the students in our training seminar were contagious with a viral respiratory bug. Though I came down with the symptoms I was able to attend & participate through the week. 

Both of us being diagnosed with Celiac is unusual. However, in recent years research has indicated that people can experience some kind of event that activates Celiac. More research is being done to hone in on the key(s) that might cause the activation, but it seems that both Noel & I have become Celiac. After the initial sadness that we may have been suffering with this for many years, which would help explain the severe bone loss I've experienced, we feel that since both of us must make dietary accommodations it will be easier than if it were just one of us. We will keep you posted about what this diet looks like. 

And, we are interested to hear from others about this.