Just when I thought I knew how I was doing with my health another curve ball came when I got the results of my latest DEXA Scan, to find I had not gained any increase in bone density in the last two years. I felt devastated, fell apart emotionally & went to bed. I had a Job week. But then I remembered: I am quick on the uptake. I have a heart that trusts & rests with Abba. I got out of bed and did some research. I found a highly rated health clinic with doctor who specializes in the study of the vital functions of the human systems with a focus on natural restorations of the body from dis-ease. Another piece of great news was that the clinic is only an hour away from Olympia.  

After just a couple months of working with a kind, intelligent man who has guided me through simple, effective changes, my over-all functioning has improved. 

Upon perusing my lab reports the learned doctor remarked that it was admirable that I had been able to stop my bone loss, that meant I probably would recover. His gentle statement meant the world to me as I had spent the last several years working hard to regain any bone density after my broken left arm revealed I had acute osteoporosis. I had told my husband that if I could not turn around my bone loss I would die. He thought I was being dramatic. So, it was very helpful that this current doctor said if I hadn't stopped my bone loss I would be dying. Taking notice of what the doc said, my husband asked to come in for his lab analysis as well.  

As I knew, the doc also told me it would take another two years to make significant, measurable progress. That is my goal, as it was two years ago. But now I have a new man on my team with a proven track record who prescribes as much natural materials as possible. We'll see. I am willing to do the work, the 3 mile walks each day, the weight bearing exercise classes, eating healthy, organic foods, grass fed meats, & wild ocean fish. I do have an expectancy, of better health, more energy, my sleeping has greatly improved, love those 8 hrs. 

Because of a particularly satisfying boost to my brain function, it is getting easier to outplay my husband at ping-pong, a game that has been frustrating me for a while as I've experienced little progress. My days are more organized, efficiency being enjoyable to me. I have begun writing again, both on my music & some ideas I've had but couldn't seem to hold onto long enough to transcribe it. 

I have deep appreciation for the grace given me to be alive after my difficult beginnings. I look forward to more healing in all areas of my life as I am continually transformed into the likeness of Abba.