A New Day

Each day brings the opportunity to start fresh. Do you believe that? Viewing life this way starts with an exercise, which took some time for me to appreciate and put into action. At first I thought, how can I just let go of all the hurt and insult from yesterday? I can't get over things that easy. How would anyone expect me to get over it? Life isn't that easy, is it?  I wondered about that, how hard it was for me to get over things. I thought I had no choice in how I felt especially how others made me feel. It was their fault, wasn't it?

Since I had put my feelings of well being into the hands of others, and they could never satisfy me, I didn't see any way out of feeling miserable for my whole life. If it weren't for so many lost years it would be amusing how ignorant I was of understanding that the power to feel good about life was in my realm of choice the whole time. Yes, I said that: the power to feel good about my life comes from choices I make.

I often hear people say, "Are you for real?"

So, how does it work? How do I feel better about my life? So glad you asked.

A simple, but important key is how you look at life & it takes real courage to learn to get real about how you view everything that happens to you. If you are serious about wanting to know how to change the way you look at life, commit to being willing to change. Write your commitment out, in your journal if you keep one, or type it on your computer, print a copy & date then sign it. Then, send me a note that says you commit to change and we'll move forward. Cynthia