Passionate Love . . .

The end of this year, the first of a new decade, is a lovely and powerful prelude to the increasing move of God in our lives and in this world. No doubt next year will bring more of The Great Adventure that comes when we live in intimate relationship with the King and see His creation from the eyes of Heaven.

2010 was filled with a myriad of changes, such as . . . signs and wonders taking us to a new church with a continual flow of answered prayer and prophecy; Holy Spirit-led writing of customized curriculum utilizing Life Model/Biblical knowledge and our lifetimes of experience, then sharing this knowledge with others; Noel and I moving to a much higher level of joy, peace, maturity through the culmination of years of spiritual discipline & obedience; expansion of our service and influence and wonders of His love.

From the time I was a little girl I have had a vision of a community that was filled with love and power. Over the years of my life that vision has both ebbed and flowed with the rise of my faith and the fall of my flesh. Yet, as I slowly repaired my immaturity, after years of escape from childhood wounds, the vision of healthy, healing, and loving community grew. The vision renewed, expanded, persisted, and has been proven, activated, with growing increase.

And in this year, 2010, a new decade began with a promise fulfilled: A whole church committed to the healing power of Jesus through loving community. Lest you think this is a “pie in the sky” kind of view, let me tell you the best of this year was also messy, challenging, painful, ironic, shocking, soothing; life-giving while causing death to selfishness, idolatry, and worldly intellectualism.

In the challenges Noel and I have been honored to keep company with people who consistently “choose life” and love, willing to re-imprint themselves with higher levels of the fullness of God. We have had great pleasure and peace being surrounded with joy and love freely expressed to us with them freely receiving our joy and love for them.

This year has proven that it is indeed, loving community that empowers rising levels of the natural rhythms of joy and rest which inspires ones true identity.

And though Noel is at sea during this holiday season, we share the praise of thankfulness and passionate love for Abba, our dear Lord Jesus, and our Holy Spirit guide.

Having received the riches of heaven on earth I lack for nothing, thus will appreciate my thoughts of, and encounters with, loved ones as an abundance of precious gifts.

We praise your names, your lives on this earth, the blessings of your company. We pray you expect and receive the loving grace of God while freely giving it away at every opportunity. We pray for your good health, abundant joy, protection and peace. May your hearts and minds love first your Heavenly Father and all of His creation, bringing your will into alignment with His and you will experience Shalom (everything in it's right place).

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

We love you . . . Noel and Cynthia