Joyful Unity Advances Maturity

2010 ended with my lifetime of trials validated as the training ground to help others. Because I know and live productive restoration from trauma and dysfunction, I embrace the passion that is in my heart, mind, and spirit for the restorative possibilities of every broken human being. The power of what has changed in my life gives me the foundation on which to stand in God’s authority to empower others for their healing and restoration. God loves to heal, the action of Him doing so is throughout the Bible, and I have the great pleasure of witnessing God’s personal touch upon precious lives. When the lights go on in a person’s eyes, who had been overcome with hopeless despair, that moment is one of the most powerful I’ve experienced on this earth.

Thus, 2011 arrives with the anticipation of experiencing increases in maturity repair in our community and, around the world. We are in His quickening with years of intercession in process of manifesting into being. Prophets and Intercessors everywhere are rejoicing at the unfolding visions of transformation as we mature in our faith for God’s provision even in these times. 

As more individuals, families, and churches understand the power in the scriptures that speak of Joy being the strength of the Lord, then unify to gain the skills to make joy, appreciation, and daily satisfaction the normal foundation of their views of life, maturity automatically begins to grow and repair. In maturity are the life-skills that synchronize (harmonizes with), our secure relationships, with Jesus, each other and all of Creation. It is purposeful and hard work at first, but as the unity in joy and maturity builds, we enter more easily into peace, rest, more joy.

Those of us who have been doing the work for some time are in this place of joy and rest. We know who we are and to whom we belong; we are able to help those around us remember the same; we are able to be with people in their pain without losing ourselves; we are able to bring people back to joy when they are upset; we see people and life from the “eyes of heaven,” and we trust God as we are in secure relationship with Him. And, we know that people with elder maturity change our communities just by being with people and loving them. 

In 2011 we will come to deeper understanding of the connection between the patterns of dysfunction in our nation and how they will begin healing as each one of us chooses to ‘grow up.’ Our joy and maturity catalyzes the atmosphere of joy and maturity around us. The process of joyful living and maturing aligns ourselves with God, and Alignment with God produces power. 

Let us enter 2011 with thanksgiving and praise for the marvelous works of the Lord that brings more love, unity, restoration, harmony, balance, rest, and yes, more Joy.