Experiencing the Miraculous . . . two

This morning I accidentally erased the post where I shared about the 2015 RTF International Advance Conference. I want to re-state the miraculous healing that began there. 

I shattered my left arm, at the wrist in 2011. After 2 hours of intensive surgery it took another 2 years to return to good function. I re-injured it in the spring of 2015 and spent some months attemping to get a reasonable evaluation, and treatment, of the injury - to no avail in our local HMO. By the time we flew to North Carolina to attend the 2015 RTF Advance Conference I had lost a percent of useful function of my left wrist, much to my sadness and frustration. 

During the conference a humble healer shared his testimony of how the Lord has been using him for healing in dangerous places, I was encouraged and poured out my heart for longing to have His healing touch. 

When he offered to pray for people the conference came to a halt. For the next two hours this lovely, gentle, faithful man of God prayed for all who wanted it, which was most everyone in the room including me. After he prayed for me I decided to trust God and stand on what His Word that says He is a healer, my healer. 

After the conference Noel and I went right into training at the RTF Internationl Training Center. After a few busy days I suddenly noticed I was using my left hand like I did before my original injury in 2011. Over the next few days with joyful wonder I experienced more: movement, dexterity, and range of motion that I remembered. Freedom! 

As weeks pass I continue to heal, using my left hand and arm even more effectively than I did before my initial injuries! Think of that, I am sewing again, using my left hand in fine work, also catching the ping pong balls with my left hand! 

In rejoicing of God's kindness and love I trust that God's healing is moving throughout my entire body, restoring many parts of me to a youthful healthiness. That process is being charted by a wonderful doctor who has been working with me to regain my bone density.

Another chapter in my Great Adventure with Abba, my perfect Father, who loves to heal and gave His only Son, Jesus, to die so that I can live in His fullness in my original design. 

How loved we are!